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What are the SwimSchool dates and the enrolment dates?

Our website provides lots of information regarding session timetables, swimschool enrolment and lessons, forthcoming events etc.  Please check our website for details.  You will also find a copy of our most current swimschool newsletter which will give you the relevant dates.  If you wish to be informed about this and other information please click on our 'Keep Informed' page and enter your details. 

Do you accept CVs in support of Job Applications

No, we do not accept CVs as we have a standard application form that needs to be completed.  Having a standard form means that we are able to look at the merits of all candidates equally.  If there is a job advertised that you wish to apply for please contact Human Resources on 01933 352991 or you can email hr@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk with your name and contact details (stating the post you are applying for) and an electronic verson of our application form will be forwarded to you.

What are your Membership Prices?

We have various Memberships including Swim Only.  Please click here for information. 

When are the Public Swimming Sessions?

Our Swim Timetables will give you all the information you need.  Click here to access them.

Do I need to book into a Group Class?

Yes, we ask that you let us know (up to 7 days beforehand) if you wish to come to any Group Class even if you are an Aspirations Wellbeing Member as we cannot guarantee places for anyone who turns up ad hoc.  Classes have limited numbers so we also ask that you let us know if you need to cancel your place in order that we can offer it to someone else as we hold a waiting list when sessions are fully booked.  Contact the Nene Centre on 01832 734090, the Pemberton Centre on 01933 350324 or Splash Leisure Pool on 01933 410505.

What are the opening and closing times for the Gym?

  Nene Gym        Pemberton Centre
Monday 6.30am-10pm   6.30am-10pm
Tuesday 6.30am-10pm   6.30am-10pm
Wednesday 6.30am-10pm   6.30am-10pm
Thursday 6.30am-10pm   6.30am-10pm
Friday 6.30am-9.30pm   6.30am-10pm
Saturday 7am-5pm   8am-6pm
Sunday 8am-4pm   8am-6pm

Do you do Concession Rates for the Gym?

We have a concession (student) rate for Aspirations Wellbeing Membership but not for pay-as-you-go visits.  If you come as a guest of an Aspirations Member you will pay £5 per session (each guest is allowed to visit at that price for a maximum of 3 times).  If you come for a casual Gym session you will pay £6.00 per session.  If you belong to the UK Fitness Network (UKFN) you will pay £3.95 per session.

Do you run Swimming Lessons?

Yes, we run a range of swimming lessons with our SwimSchool programme including Adult lessons, Adult and Child lessons, Stages 1-7 swim lessons, Rookie Lifeguards and Synchronised Swimming.  We also run Crash Courses during the Summer holiday period.

Contact swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk for more information.

What Birthday Parties do you offer?

Our facilities offer a range of birthday parties within our Ready Steady Parties pack.  The Nene Centre and  Splash Leisure Pool offer pool parties and the Pemberton Centre can host a selection of other activities that are not water-based.  Follow the links or contact the relevant centre

What Children's and Young People's Activities do you run?

We provide a wide range of activities for the Under 16s at our centres as well as outreach sessions in the community led by our sports development team (contact communitydevelopment@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk for more information).  We cater for all ages, from babies to young adults.

Sports Coaching at our centres includes basketball and trampolining.  All sports are led by qualified, experienced coaches and are run alongside the school terms.

How much is a single swim for an Adult and a Child?

If your child is under 4 they swim FREE (when accompanied by an adult).  For all other ages (4-17) the cost of a single swim for an adult and child is £5.20 (£3.20 adult and £2 junior).  If you come as a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 juniors) the price is only £10.

Are there Age Restrictions for the Sauna and Steam Rooms at Nene and Splash?

For Health and Safety reasons you need to be 16 to use our Health Suites.

Contact details:

Alana Newman - Aspirations Wellbeing Sales Manager

Alison Jones - Swim School Coordinator


Angela-Gaye Mallory - Marketing Manager


Jackie Ackroyd - Activities Coordinator

disability@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk or communitydevelopment@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk

Julia Grove - Human Resources, Finance and Payroll


Shane Davies - Fitness Manager



The Nene Centre, Cedar Drive, Thrapston, Northamptonshire, NN14 4JY

Telephone:  01832 734090

Email:  nene@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk

Simon Pesic-Smith - Nene Centre Manager


Alison Jones - SwimSchool Coordinator


General Enquiries: nene@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk


The Pemberton Centre, H E Bates Way, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9YP

Telephone: 01933 350324 
Email: pemberton@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk

Shane Davies - Pemberton Centre Manager


General Enquiries - pemberton@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk


Splash Leisure Pool, Station Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9SJ

Telephone: 01933 410505 

Email:  splash@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk

Sarah Gardner - Splash Centre Manager 

Alison Jones - Swim School Coordinator


General Enquiries - reception.splash@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk