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The Nene Centre offers a Swimfit session during Adult Swim on Thursday evening 8.30pm-9.30pm and you can follow your own programme during public times at both our pools.swimming mumRegister with Swimfit to plan a tailored programme to suit you and your goals.  You’ll get the support you need to make the most of every swim with tailored sessions to follow, expert advice and free online coaching tools.  Track your progress as you swim and see how well you’re doing.  Swimfit also provides poolside units with laminated session cards to allow pool-users to choose a session suitable for them.


Be the Swimmer you Want to be!

Maybe you want to swim for Health?

Do you want to Shape up and tone?

Perhaps you want to Keep Fit by swimming?

Or possibly you enjoy being Competitive?

Register with Swimfit for health, fitness, to tone your body or be competitive!

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A lot of people want to get fitter and healthier and if you don’t feel that cycling or jogging suit you, then swimming may be the sport for you.  The water buoyancy makes swimming suitable for all shapes and sizes.  It’s brilliant for burning calories and is low impact so will protect against injuries and now with Swimfit it’s even more fun!

Swimming is an activity that can be continued for a lifetime, working every major muscle group including your heart and lungs.  Swimfit is split into four categories based on the swimmer’s reasons for swimming making it suitable for everyone:


The Swim for Health category is designed for people who probably swim once or twice a week and incorporate swimming as a part of a healthy lifestyle programme. 

It is unlikely to be the only physical activity that you do in a week and the main purpose is to maintain your current health status.  It is likely that you will only be comfortable swimming one or two of the four strokes. 

If you find that you would like to increase the time spent swimming and/or the intensitywhy not take a look at the Shape up and Tone sessions.

Swimming is an activity that helps you de-stress and unwind, making you feel good.  The rhythm of your stroke, the floating sensation and the weightlessness of the water    can be very meditative and relaxing. Having a gentle swim after another form of exercise is a perfect way to finish your exercise routine.               

The support of the water greatly reduces stress on joints such as knees and ankles. This makes swimming and aqua aerobics ideal activities for people recovering from an injury, people with conditions such as back pain or arthritis, older people, those carrying excess weight and pregnant women.  It is an ideal activity for anyone with mobility difficulties as exercise in water relieves the body of 70-80% of its weight.  Swimming  allows the body to achieve increased mobility in stiff or sore joints, as well as helping to rebuild the muscle around the affected joints.

Remember to start off slowly and consult your doctor before undertaking any physical activity if you suffer from any serious physical ailment.

Shape up and Tone

This category is designed for people looking to bring about some changes in the way they look and is probably being used as part of a weight management programme.  You may wish to achieve a more toned appearance whilst maintaining your current weight or as part of a weight loss programme.

Help achieve your goals by aiming to swim 2/3 times per week.  Mix up your strokes toget an all-over body work out – try to do at least 3 strokes per session.  Mix the intensity with fast and slow swimming using technique and skills work.  Stretch out in  the water and make the longest streamlined shape that you can. On all strokes, lengthen the arms, shoulders, back and point your toes.

Swimming fewer lengths, with more rest, but at a slightly higher level, will have a far more beneficial impact on both technique and general fitness for the period of time that you are in the water, than just swimming up and down non-stop.

Set goals and challenge yourself, this will make your work out more fun and will keep you motivated.  If you find that you would like to increase the time spent swimming and/or the intensity take a look at the Fitness sessions.


This category is designed for people who wish to use swimming as the primary source of a keep fit programme with an aim to improve their fitness level and physical appearance whilst ensuring heart and lungs remain in tip-top condition.

Help achieve your goals by swimming a minimum of 3 times each week and include some high intensity activity.  Try 2 or 3 of the 4 strokes.

Swimming is one of the simplest, easiest and most enjoyable ways to improve and maintain fitness.  Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.


This category is designed for people who already compete but need additional sessions to supplement what they already do in a club situation (or for those who wish to compete).

The aim is to improve personal performance as measured by the time taken to cover a range of distances.

Competitive swimming is great fun where participants meet lots of new like-minded people. 

Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete a session without feeling rushed or having to miss out parts in order that you finish in the set time.

Remember all of the basics – they will help keep you on track and achieve your goals.