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Our SwimSchool programme is designed to provide first class swimming tuition at value for money prices.  Our programme follows the guidance of the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) National Teaching Plan.  Children should be taking part in activities which build their fundamental movement skils with the emphasis 'Learning through FUN'.

We aim to provide swimmers with the opportunity to learn, experience the fun and the security of an escellent swimming programme for all ages and abilities.  It's our aim and policy to ensure that lessons are 'fun' and enjoyable, teaching the highest standard of skills, technique and water confidence with safety being paramount.

Professional Teaching Staff

Our committed teachers are all ASA qualified and CRB checked.  They are required to attend regular training courses as part of their continued professional development.  This ensures they are up-to-date with the latest thinking in new ideas in order to continually improve all aspects of tuition.

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As an introduction to water confidence for very young children we offer swimming instruction as follows:

Adult and Child - Sing-a-Song

This programme introduces babies and younger children from 5 months-18 months to the exciting world of aquatics using music/songs to help confidence and teach basic water skills.

Adult and Child - Ducklings

These classes are designed for parent/guardian and child from 12 months-4 years providing a safe and enjoyable experience of the swimming pool.  Adults are expectecd to play a full part in the lessons helping their child develop water skills and confidence though play/nursery rhymes working towards the child gaining our Duckling Award.

Young Frogs (daytime lessons only)

This class is designed for children from 3½ years who have attended our adult/child programme and are confident to be in the pool on their own.  They will develop and learn more skills independently through fun and play.

Frogs (evening lessons)

This class is designed for pre-school children of 4-5 years, again to learn and develop their skills within a more structured lesson whilst still having fun.

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The next phase of the swimmer's aquatic journey is through Stages 1-7

Non-Swimmers  Stage 1-2 (navy hat) This stage develops basic safety awareness and basic movement skills such as:  entry, exits, buoyancy and balance.  There is further development on submersion, rotation, orientation, how to float on front and back and regain a standing position with emphasis on streamlining, body position plus push and glides   
 Beginners  Stage 3 (bright green hat)  This stage is for swimmers of 10m (no aids).  It further develops travel and coordination skills effectively using different stroke techniques.  There is further development on aquatic breathing and an introduction to the breastroke leg kick  
Stage 4 (white hat)

 This stage further develops all strokes and techniques, continuing to emphasise streamlining (body position plus push and glides) and aquatic breathing.  Additional water skills, such as mushroom floats, forward rolls and an introduction to the butterfly leg kick, will be taught.  Swimmers will need to maintain consistency of the strokes, working towards 25m

 Improvers Stage 5 (orange hat) This stage develops more water skills such as sculling, rotations, treading water, forward and backward rolls and an introduction to the butterfly (full stroke).  Swimmers will need to maintain consistency of the strokes, working towards 50m   
Stage 6 (red hat) This stage develops more effective swimming techniques over longer distances with the introduction of tumble turns and diving. Swimmers will need to maintain all strokes and skills, working towards 100m  
Stage 7 (yellow hat) This stage concentrates on developing and maintaining effective stroke technique in a lane system on all four strokes, progressing still on tumble turns, diving and other skills.  Swimmers work towards 200m  
Advanced Stage 8 (light blue hat) These stages are hour-long sessions and are for swimmers who have completed stages 1-7 at a high standard and competency.  Swimmers progress to 'time' swims, drills, longer distances, transitions on all strokes, starts and turns which are all required within the ASA laws  
Stage 9 (purple hat)  
Stage 10 (black hat)  

Adult Lessons

These sessions are available for adults and young adults over the age of 16 of all abilities:  from complete non-swimmer, the desire to overcome nervousness or lack of confidence through to improvement on stroke techniques, fitness and endurance.



Please note:

  • New pupils may be given an assessment before a final decision is made on their appropriate class
  • We recommend that all children complete their initial immunisation programme before using swimming pools
  • Please be aware that there is a difference in water depth between Nene and Splash

Inclusive Lessons (Splash only)

These are lessons for children and young people living with a disability.  Participants work, to their individual ability, in smaller groups (maximum of 4) within our SwimSchool programme.  Participants will require an assessment which would be undertaken during the relevant swim class.

Exit Routes

These are offered to swimmers an an alternative to the traditional higher stages of our SwimSchool programme, ideal for those who would prefer to do something different.

Rookie Lifeguard Programme (both sites)


The Rookie Lifeguard programme  at Splash Leisure Pool and the Nene Centre is the junior award scheme of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK (RLSS UK). Swimmers need to be 8+ years, or from Stage 6 of our SwimSchool programme (an assessment may be needed).  This gives participants the opportunity to learn various new skills including first aid, how to deal with emergencies in and out of the water and how to put those skills to use.

SAM 1488sm

Boot Camp (Splash only)

Boot Camp is another route for those who are on Stage 10 of our SwimSchool programme.  Participants must be 12 years + (an assessment may be needed).  This is a challenging session, ideal for those swimmers wishing to achieve a personal goal!  Boot Camp builds up participants' fitness levels and endurance with different activities and skills whilst having fun along the way.

Synchronised Swimming (Nene only)

Synchronised swimming is available to girls and boys aged 8+, or from Stage 6 of our SwimSchool programme, who are competent in deep water (an assessment may be needed).

Synchronised swimming is a form of art and requires strength, core strength, endurance, flexibility, precise timing and excellent breath control.

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Flip 'n' Fun (Nene only)

Flip 'n' Fun is a fun and exciting session which gives participants the opportunity to experience the 'fundamentals' of diving.

Diving offers something different to the usual sports which are taught.  It can improve discipline, encourage confidence and aid coordination.  Participants also learn to respect rules and operate within controlled group environments.  

Swimmers need to be 7+ years, or from Stage 4 of our SwimSchool programme, and must be able to swim in deep water (an assessment may be needed).

ASA National Swim Awards

Badges and certificates are awarded for achievements in distance and skills through the stages.

Key aims are to:

  • Ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn to swim
  • Ensure everyone can reach their full potential
  • Ensure everyone can enjoy swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle

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Contact Details:

SwimSchool Coordinator - Alison Jones

01832 734090 (Nene) or 01933 410505 (Splash)


Reception Nene

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Reception Splash

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