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Group Cycling at Nene

The Nene Centre (and the Pemberton Centre) offers Group CyclingSPIN® classes throughout the week.

If you want to burn lots of calories whilst listening to great motivating music our Group Cycling classes are ideal. 


Participants take part in a group workout on static exercise bikes. Sessions typically last anywhere from 30-75 minutes.  The classes are led by instructors who normally guide participants through a series of phases, from warm-up to more challenging phases, to a period of peak effort followed by a cool down.

In Group Cycling/SPIN® classes, the intensity of the workout is influenced by:

  • Cadence, or pedal rate

  • Resistance of the bike’s flywheel, which can be continually adjusted throughout the class to make pedalling easier or more difficult

  • The rider’s body position as they either pedal from a seated position or rise from the saddle

Ultimately participants determine their own levels of exertion  .Our instructors will encourage and motivate you to push yourself, and you'll most likely find Group CyclingSPINNING® to be a vigorous workout.  It's a great way to help stay in shape and there’s no worry of having to push a bike 3 miles home in the pouring rain if you acquire a puncture whilst in the back of beyond!

Group Cycling/SPIN® exercise is a great way to keep your body in shape and has a number of incredible benefits for your body:

Group Cycling/SPIN® exercise helps to burn fat.  Through Group Cycling/SPINNING® exercise, you can increase your heart rate up to 80 percent which is one of the best increases you can reach when trying to burn fat  .Burning fat is done largely by elevating your heart rate, with most benefits coming when you reach 65 to 75 percent.  As such, one Group Cycling/SPINNING® exercise can contribute tremendously to your health, helping you burn up to twelve hundred calories!

While it might seem obvious, another great benefit from Group Cycling/SPINNING® exercise is your improved leg strength. Using a bicycle puts a lot of stress on your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings, and since Group Cycling/SPINNING® exercise is simply an intense form of biking using a stationary bike, you will be able to target each of these muscle groups and to see a lot of growth in each region.

Group Cycling/SPIN® exercise can also help improve your posture.  When using the stationary bike for such intense workouts, you will be putting a lot of focus on your stabiliser muscles.  This increased muscle on your hips and shoulders will help improve your posture and body alignment.

Group Cycling/SPIN® is free to Aspirations Wellbeing Members but you do need to book in order to secure a bike.  

Ask at Reception for more details.

Nene Group Classes Timetable includes Group Cycling