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Racket sports

Racket Sports are not only an excellent way to keep fit but are great fun too! They are free for Aspirations Members but non-members can hire our courts and/or join clubs (where available) in order to play.

The following racket sports are available at the Pemberton Centre:




2 or 4 players strike a shuttlecock to score points.An Olympic Sport since 1992.

Table Tennis

Also known as ‘Ping Pong’, this game has been an Olympic Sport since 1988. A great deal of fun with 2 or 4 players around a small wooden table!

Short Tennis

A format of the game Tennis played on a Badminton Court using a lower net and a larger, softer ball. Short Tennis has been shown to accelerate the learning of Tennis and is amongst the recommended training methods of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).


Founded in the USA, Racketball is derived from Squash. It is a fast-paced indoor court game played with small paddles (or rackets) and a rubber ball.


A high-speed racket sport, this game provides a superb cardiovascular work-out.In 40 minutes of squash, a player can expend between 500 and 700 calories, significantly more than in other sports. The sport also provides a good upper and lower body workout.  If you are interested in the Rushden Squash League 'like' them on Facebook:  facebook.com/rushdensquashleague

To book please call 01933 350324.

The Pemberton Centre's multi-sports hall can also be booked for Team Sports such as Five-a-Side Football, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball.