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Under 16s

We provide a wide range of activities for the under 16s at our centres as well as outreach sessions led by our community development team (contact jackie.ackroyd@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk for more information).  We cater for all ages, from babies to young adults.

Sports Coaching at our centres includes basketball and trampolining.  All sports are led by qualified, experienced coaches and are run alongside the school terms.

Under 16s at a Glance

Activity Day Time Venue Age Group
Activators Monday-Thursday 6.30am-10pm Nene 11-17yrs
Friday 6.30am-9.30pm  
Monday-Friday 6.30am-10pm Pemberton 11-17yrs
Saturday 7am-5pm Nene 11-17yrs
Saturday 8am-6pm Pemberton 11-17yrs
Sunday 8am-4pm Nene 11-17 yrs
Sunday 8am-6pm Pemberton 11-17yrs
Adult & Child Swim Lessons: Sing a Song & Ducklings contact Splash or swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk Parents with babies/pre-school children
(Swim) Boot Camp contact Splash or swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk  Stage 10+ swimmers. 12+ years
Crèche ∑   Monday  9.30am-11am Nene 3 months-5 yrs              
Friday 9am-11am
Monday 9am-12.30pm  Pemberton    
Thursday  9am-12.45pm
Friday  9am-12.30pm 
Monday 2.15pm-3.30pm  Splash  
3.30pm-5.45pm (SwimSchool - junior drop-off only)
Wednesday 3.45pm-6.30pm (SwimSchool - junior drop-off only)
Thursday 3.45pm-6.30pm (SwiSchool - junior drop-off only)
Family Swim♦     please see our current swim timetables  Nene Families♦     
Gymnastics   Wednesday  5pm-6pm  Pemberton       Beginners  
Thursday      4pm-5pm 
Friday  4pm-5pm  Beginners 
6pm-8pm Nene Gymnastics Display Team
Saturday 9am-10am Beginners
Jumpin Jax   Monday
9.30am-11am  Pemberton∑  0-5 yrs  
Friday 9.30am-11am  Pemberton 
Kidz Krazy•    Friday  6.30pm-8pm  Splash   Families♦  
Sunday   1pm-2.30pm
Ready Steady Parties ask at Reception or download/pick up a leaflet   Nene all ages
Rookie Lifeguards please contact Nene (01832 734090) or Splash (01933 410505) or email swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk 
Synchronised Swimming  please contact Nene (01832 734090) or email swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk 
Toddler Splash•          please check the current swim timetable  Nene Parents/Carers & Tots♦        
Trampolining Monday 4.30pm-5.30pm Pemberton 4+
Saturday 9am-10am

∑ Aspirations Members receive 25% discount on these activities

• During school holiday times there may be extra sessions for Under 16s.  Please check our current swim timetables or call Nene (01832 734090), Pemberton (01933 350324) or Splash (01933 410505) for more information.

♦ Family Swim is a session designed for families in a fun, relaxed environment.  Parents must accompany children in the water.


 The Aspirations Wellbeing Gyms at the Pemberton Centre  and the Nene Centre are available to young people aged 11-17 (now known as Activators).  At age 18 young people can join the 'senior gym'.

Designated machines only are available for Activators - this is to ensure the safety of the group.  

The refurbished gyms are governed by the new UKactive guidelines which recommend that fitness suites should only be for 11 year olds and over.  With this in mind, we provide fitness equipment suitable for families to train alongside each other, benefitting from more social interaction and quality time. 

Adult and Child/Parent and Tot Swimming Lessons

Start your child's development in water and build their confidence early.  The classes follow the structured ASA programme and are led by qualified ASA teachers.

As an introduction to water confidence for very young children we offer swimming instruction as follows:

Adult and Child Lessons - this level is designed for both parent/adults with their babies/young children (age 1-4) to give them a safe and enjoyable first experience of the swimming pool. Parent/adults are expected to play a full part in the lessons, helping their child develop water skills and confidence through play/nursery ryhmes with the child working towards our Duckling certificate and badge.

Frogs - Children who have attended the adult/child course or who are 4 years old. This group is designed for pre-school children of 4-5years. Learning more skills independently through play and gaining their own confidence within the group.

Our SwimSchool programme is designed to provide first class swimming tuition at value for money prices. It provides swimmers with the opportunity to learn and experience the fun and security of an excellent swimming development programme.

Our programmes follow the guidance of the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) National Teaching Plan.

The swimmer’s journey, following the National Plan for teaching swimming, results in their development of a wide range of skills and techniques.  They will become competent, confident and safe swimmers with the ability to build on these skills further developing a wide range of water-based sports.

Children should be taking part in activities that build their fundamental movement skills, with the emphasis being ‘Learning through FUN’.

Contact the Nene Centre (01832 734090) or Splash Leisure Pool (01933 410505) for more information or email swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk

(Swim) Boot Camp

Boot Camp is for swimmers who are on Stage 10 of our SwimSchool programme.   Participants must be 12 years+ (an assessment may be needed).  This is a challenging session, idea for those swimmers wishing to achieve a personal goal! Boot Camp builds up participants' fitness levels and endurance with different activities and skills whilst having fun along the way.



Our sites have supervised play areas where you can leave your child(ren) whilst you spend some 'you time' and take the opportunity to enjoy the various activities we have on offer.

Family Swim

The Nene Centre and Splash Leisure Pool offer regular Family Swim sessions.  Family Swim is a session designed for families in a fun, relaxed environment.  Parents must accompany children in the water.

Flip 'n' Fun

This is a fun and exciting session which gives participants the opportunity to experience the 'fundamentals' of diving.

Diving offers something different to the usual sports which are taught.  It can improve discipline, encourage confidence and aid coordination.  Participants also learn to respect rules and to operate within a controlled group environment.

Swimmers need to be 7+ years, or from Stage 4 of our SwimSchool programme, and must be able to swim in deep water (an assessment may be needed).


Eclipse Gymnastics Club,registered with British Gymnastics (BG) and coached by qualified BG instructors, teaches young people and children (school-age upwards) of all abilities.  Classes teach the basics in floor and vault.  There are advanced classes available for General Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics and Display Squad (based on ability and maturity).  

Eclipse Gymnastics Club has classes at The Pemberton Centre. 

For more information contact Reception on 01933 350324 or Eclipse Head Coach Mr Terry Masters on 07751 804179

Jumpin Jax


Jumpin Jax encourages children to participate in movement over apparatus, including mats, balance beams, slides, ladders and bouncy castles or they can choose to play with toys in a friendly, safe and social environment.

Kidz Krazy

Splash Leisure Pool offers regular Kidz Krazy pool sessions for families.

Ready Steady Parties 

We can offer a variety of children's parties at our centres:  pool parties at the Nene Centre and Splash Leisure Pool and dryside play parties at the Pemberton Centre.

Download a copy of our Party Options by clicking the link at the bottom of this page or call into one of our centres and pick up a leaflet.

Party   Venue Cost Maximum Number
Dryside Party Soft Play Pemberton Centre


  Jumpin Jax      
  Bouncy Castle      
  'mix and match' party      
Pool Party
Pool Hire only (no activity) Nene £100 ph  
Splash Leisure Pool £100 ph  
Inflatable Nene £130 30
Floats and Balls 40
Floats and Rafts Nene 30
















Please note that Aspirations Wellbeing do not provide food.

Rookie Lifeguard Programme

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme is the junior award scheme of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK (RLSS UK).  For most children Rookie Lifeguards will be their first opportunity to explore water safety and alternative safe aquatic play.  The skills taught will prepare Rookies to take better care of themselves, their family and friends, and give them the information they need to promote water safety in their day-to-day activities. 

The Rookie awards contain survival, rescue and sport skills as well as life support and water safety elements. The Rookie Lifeguard Programme fulfils all of the Key Stage 2 water safety elements of the National Curriculum.

Age restrictions apply: 8 to 13 years of age only. 

For more information, drop in to the relevant centre or call Splash Leisure Pool (01933 410505) or the Nene Centre (01832 734090).

Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised swimming for boys and girls is available at the Nene Centre as part of our Swim School programme.

Swim school participants will need to be Stage 6 or above.  If you’re a competent swimmer aged 8+ you can also take part (but you will need to be assessed for your safety).

You will need to book and pay for the course in advance – call into the Nene Centre (01832 734090). Alternatively please email swimschool@aspirationswellbeing.org.uk


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Toddler Splash

Our learner pools are ideal for Toddler Splash sessions. Parents/carers can enjoy time with their little ones in the safety of our smaller pools at the Nene Centre and Splash Leisure Pool


Learn how to do acrobatics whilst bouncing on a trampoline!

young girl_jumping_sm

The Pemberton Centre offers trampolining sessions for children and young people aged 4+.

Studies by NASA scientists show that rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging even though it requires less effort!  You can also develop both upper and lower body strength.Exercise on a trampoline is not only fun but will enhance overall coordination, strength, flexibility, timing and balance.  Rebounding will exercise and strengthen every muscle, organ and cell in your body. 

Apart from being great fun, bouncing on a trampoline brings a number of very real health and wellbeing benefits including:

  • Balance – trying to bounce in one place on a trampoline means you have to develop a keen sense of balance and awareness of how your body’s balance can be adjusted (or compromised) by small movements at the body’s extremities.
  • Coordination – closely related to balance is the need to coordinate arm and leg actions, as well as many fast-twitch muscle groups, necessary to form the different shapes and perform the various somersaults and twists.
  • Bilateral motor skills – the action of bouncing whilst trying to maintain balance and coordinate bodily extremities calls on both sides of the body and, indeed, the brain to become engaged which is quite different to many ground based sports where one side can often be favoured (most notably in football for example).
  • Rhythm – again closely related but distinct is the need to bounce in tune with the trampoline to achieve optimum height for least effort.
  • Self-confidence – even those least confident with sports will find it possible to make some progress on the relatively forgiving surface of a trampoline and this progress will help boost confidence.
  • Cardiovascular fitness – bouncing on a trampoline increases the pulse rate and strengthens muscle groups essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Bone Density – bouncing repeatedly puts bones under small amounts of stress sufficient to help them build themselves up to cope with that stress. This in turn reduces the risk of factures and osteoporosis.
  • Improved lymphatic circulation –the short periods of weightlessness between periods of higher than average G forces that occur whilst bouncing actually helps the body get rid of toxins; physical activity and gravity effects are essential to the lymphatic system achieving this and both are more actively engaged when trampolining than with almost any other sport.
  • Low impact – although bouncing is an impact sport the period of acceleration and deceleration is much longer than with activities such as jogging where the surface used has no give at all.  During the build up to the World Cup in 2002 David Beckham was seen building up fitness and ball skills whilst using a mini-rebounder for this very reason.                                                                                                                                                                            
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