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Ready Steady Parties at Nene

Pool Parties - £130 per party

All parties include 1 hour of activity under parental supervision.  Choose between Inflatable or Floats and Rafts 

Maximum number, 30 children


All under 8’s must be supervised in the water by an adult, as per the Centre’s admission policy.

Inflatable parties are for over 8s and all swimmers must be competent in the water (swim 25m unaided).  This may require a swim test and the Manager on duty will judge the child’s ability.  An area will be available for 45mins for party food (food is not provided by Aspirations Wellbeing) and 5 mins may be required for set up or set down.

Pool Hire (with no activity) - £100 per hour

maximum number - 30 people

Party Times

Saturdays 4pm, 5pm or 6pm (01832 734090)

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Ready Steady Parties
Ready Steady Party short feedback questionnaire